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17 Aug 2023

Real Time Cold Chain Monitoring System Using IoT

The quality management of horticultural agricultural goods in the food and beverage industry is a crucial concern. The main problem is to maintain a consistent cold chain from supplier to customer, and for that it is important to count with adequate tracking, control and assurance schemes, as well as techniques of collection and review of accurate data. At present, FAO reports that one third of the world’s food supply is lost, principally because the measuring systems used do not include truthful details about the state of the goods and under which circumstances they are; control systems do not function properly or are not implemented as rigorously necessary. Therefore, this study discusses the use of modern management strategies and methods for the cold chain, concentrating on the use of tracking systems, particularly in the early analysis of data, and the use of new technology to mitigate the effect of environmental variations on perishable goods.

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