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18 Aug 2023

Virtual Class Room Using E – Learning

In the era of globalization of goods and services difficulties in knowledge diffusion still remain. The effective exchange of experiences and skills is not guaranteed by the enormous potentials of internetworking systems and devices. E-learning technologies represent a good opportunity to reduce the digital divide and to ensure faster and higher development trends. Several universities and companies are currently involved in using e-learning systems to provide a valid solution; this notwithstanding several problems related to e-learning activities still remain open. This paper presents an analysis of the e-learning technologies used in the Italian Universities. The most widespread open source and commercial Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are investigated and presented. Successively, a simple model is proposed and used to perform a comparative evaluation of the adopted systems. Finally, the activity experienced at the “Rete Puglia” Centre of the University of Bari is described and the most relevant results are illustrated.

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