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17 Aug 2023

Smartphone Security and Protection Practices

The research and communications for detecting mobile security threats with the best protection practices of applications have become essential goals nowadays due to the continuous discoveries of new vulnerabilities. The internet and web-based activities have been increased drastically in recent times by users of all categories. Users have extensively started involved in gaming, banking, frequent bill payment, entertainment, and other network and online activities that are requiring a large number of mobile phone protection and security mechanisms in response to advancements in full-stack applications and wireless networks. The goal of this paper is to uncover the best-applied practices in the domain of mobile security to protect smartphone devices. The main advantages of smartphones are small size with easiness in carrying anywhere and can be a replacement for computing devices in some ways for example emails. Unfortunately, the convenience of using smartphones to do the private task is the loophole cyber attackers need to gain access to personal data. Thus, this paper proposed eight best practices to protect and secure smart mobile phones.

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