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18 Aug 2023

EffectiveIDS To Mitigate The Packet Dropping Nodes From Manet

Mobile ad hoc networks is wireless infrastructure free networks. It consists of heterogeneous mobile nodes. These nodes are distributed in wireless communication area. The characteristics of the network are adaptation, autonomous and self-formation and distributed peer to peer network. Applications of the network are military, health care and disaster recovery. Characteristics and applications of MANET demands reliable efficient communication. Multi hop communication is enabling in the network by cooperation of the intermediate nodes. The intermediate nodes drop the packets due to either system fault or malicious behavior. Different way of packets drop due to system fault is recognized and isolated from malicious packet dropping nodes during the communication in existing ―secure knowledge algorithm‖. However, it does not prevent the packet drop due to system fault in the network and it is very essential to enhance the performance and reliability of the communication. Thus the paper design ―Efficient Intrusion Detection System to Avoid the Packet Dropping Nodes from Communication Route‖. Performance of the proposed IDS is tested in the simulator NS-2 and compares the results with existing work. Results are clearly indicating that the proposed IDS out perform in comparison with existing work in terms of reliability and packet delivery.

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