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17 Aug 2023

Effect Of A Dynamic/Static Scan On The Response Times Of An Application Running On The Cloud

The evolution of technology especially in the Cloud industry has generated a big shift from the traditional way in terms of the use of the IT resources and has also become increasingly important in our day to day lives. With advanced technology the risk of cyber-attacks to IT resources has also become a major concern. To prevent which, many types of scans such as static scans, dynamic scans, or firewall scans are used by companies to keep their resources/ data secure. With the evolution of Big Data, it has become more vulnerable to attacks than before. This study is an effort to analyze the effect of an application response time, when the application is hosted on a cloud and it is exposed to security scans, whose nature can be dynamic/static scan or even firewall scans. We study this performance issue by the measure of the response time, and it is done by the means of Delta time which is associated with the TCP/IP 3-way handshake data. The real-time data of a user application is collected which is hosted on a Google® cloud, whose Delta times are analyzed using statistical methods, such as mean, skewness, etc. yielding no definitive answer. Further by analyzing using ToH and ANOVA tests however resulted in showing a difference in Delta times when the application was exposed to full scans. This is in depth analyzed using various clustering techniques, namely K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering techniques. A comparison between which, resulted in the discovery of the outliers. These are then removed and the results are computed showing a change in the response times, prior and post the outlier removal. Based on the tests conducted, we found that there is not a significant difference in running dynamic or static scans on the application or the data and its impact is not statistically significant to the performance, and while the K-Means Clustering technique is sensitive to outliers, the hierarchical technique validates the choices of clusters and gives information regarding outliers

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