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17 Aug 2023

Decentralised Social Media Platform Using Blockchain Technology

Online social networks are becoming more and more prevalent in people’s life, but they face the problem of privacy leakage due to the centralized data management mechanism. Evolvement of blockchain technology has greatly changed the network and it makes many applications to be distributed, decentralized without loss of security. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform that provides a runtime environment for running smart contracts, which is called Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Ethereum-based applications are usually referred to as Decentralized Applications (DApps), since they are based on the decentralized EVM, and its smart contracts. By combining smart contracts, we use the blockchain as a trusted server to provide central control services. Blockchain helps us incentivise users of the platform with cryptocurrency as a reward for moderation. This is a decentralised application based on Ethereum blockchain built using solidity and react. In this paper, we examine how blockchain and incentivisation can enable more functionalities of traditional social network systems

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