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17 Aug 2023

Crypto Jacking

The aim of this project is to develop a Chrome extension that can detect crypto-jacking attempts in real-time and block the websites containing such attempts. Crypto-jacking is the unauthorized use of someone’s computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies. This type of attack can go undetected for long periods and cause damage to the user’s device, such as overheating and reduced battery life. To detect crypto-jacking, the extension will use the blacklisting-based approach combined with a resources monitoring approach. This approach uses a blacklist of known crypto-jacking scripts and domains frequently associated with crypto-jacking. If the extension detects any of these scripts or domains on a website, it will block the website from opening in the first place. This approach prevents crypto-jacking attempts by blocking websites with known crypto-jacking codes.

Overall, this project is crucial to protect users from the increasing prevalence of crypto-jacking attacks. By blocking known crypto-jacking websites, the extension will prevent attackers from using the user’s computing resources for their gain.

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